This participatory, interdisciplinary event explores the role of disability research in making societies and cities more inclusive, socially just, spaces for all our citizens.


Can socially just agendas for equality can be created in neoliberal times and how do we go about this?


Working from the perspective of  social ‘coalitions’, we think critically about collaborations between diverse groups such as researchers, disabled people, activist groups, social enterprises and others, and create an intersectional space for learning from differing innovative approaches to interdisciplinary research.

In association with the British Sociological Association – Early Career Forum and the Centre for Urban Research on Austerity (CURA) at De Montfort University

July 4 2018 : De Montfort University, Leicester
4 July 2018

The Gallery, Vijay Patel Building

De Montfort University
Mill Lane 
Leicester LE2 7PT

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Creating diverse coalitions for equality
in neoliberal times:
locating the emancipatory city


Centre for Urban Research on Austerity
De Montfort University, Leicester


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